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About Clark Aerospace

Clark Aerospace is a tier one extracurricular program at Clark College  funded by the ASCC student government. This program provides experiences that only one other community college in the country provides. Participating students get to experience real world engineering challenges and restrictions similar to what they would experience in the field, and develop a passion while receiving their education. Clark College is the premier community college in the world for these aerospace projects.

Clark Aerospace is comprised of up to four individual teams, depending on budget and students involved. The first team is the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) a team that competes in the international Spaceport America Cup. Clark Aerospace is one of only two community colleges in the world participating out of 122 teams, including universities and even small governments. The Spaceport America cup provides students the best-case networking scenario: nearly every major aerospace company in the country participates in the event and teams are encouraged to interact. A second team is the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) a team competing in the Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition (SUAS) that of which, again, is only one of two community college teams in the world out of 100+ teams. A third option could be participating in the NASA Student Launch, which provides an in-depth experience into the engineering design process through rocketry, and networking opportunities within NASA. A final team could have a simpler mission to participate in the Fire in the Sky (FITS) event hosted by Washington Aerospace Club, where a team could design and build a rocket on a commercial motor for the event.

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